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South Coast HOA Program with Beth Grimm

April 20, 2019

Come and hear Attorney Beth Grimm in her usual interactive program. This is a special event. It is Beth’s last program. She retired recently and agreed to come back one more time to do a final program on one of the most perplexing problems. What comes first, the chicken or the egg?


PART I: BREAKING THE CODE: HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHICH COMES FIRST IN AN HOA DISPUTE? Enforcement including hearing or fines, or ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), or IDR (Internal Dispute Resolution)? When should small claims court come into play? Which comes first? Can any of these proceedings be run concurrently or scheduled at the same time?

PART II: HOW TO PREPARE FOR IDR, ADR, SMALL CLAIMS COURT AND HOA HEARINGS. How does a Board or an owner prepare for IDR, ADR, and/or small claims court? What can you expect? How does a Board or a homeowner prepare for a hearing? It’s not rocket science – but some finesse can be really helpful. It is important to prepare with purpose. This will help all get through the proceeding without wasted time, effort or stress. Organization can go a long way toward minimizing stress or de-escalating a difficult situation. Come and learn how to get clarity, know what to expect, and prepare written and oral supporting materials for any HOA or court hearing, or any ADR or IDR proceeding that are convincing and helpful to the process and parties involved. What do boards need look for? How do judges and hearing officers conduct proceedings? What do owners need to know going into hearings and proceedings?

Also learn about the many things that would make any interactive communications better and how to adopt good policies around IDR, ADR, and IDR, ADR Hearings.

ADDITIONAL TOPIC: ALL THINGS FINANCIAL in brief. What kind of review should be done to satisfy the new legal obligation to review financials? Your fiduciary obligations.

Date – Saturday, April 20, 2019
Time – 10 AM - Noon
Place – Encina Royale Clubhouse – 250 Moreton Bay Lane, Goleta
Cost - none – no RSVP Required
Light Breakfast items to be served

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